What will the Master Plan do and include?

    Once developed, the Master Plan will help to guide parks and recreation facilities and programs in Smithers for the next ten or so years. Specifically, the Master Plan will:

    • Include an assessment of the current state of parks and recreation in the community;
    • Identify key focus areas and priorities; and
    • Provide Council and staff with a resource to inform decision-making and resource allocation.

    What is the project Task Force?

    The Parks & Recreation Master Plan Task Force has been established by the Town of Smithers to include a group of local individuals who represent the interests and diversity of the community, covering the range of government agencies, organizations, and demographic groups as much as possible, while aiming to avoid having any one sport/recreation interest group represented. (Individual sport/recreation interest groups will instead be engaged through the discussion sessions.) Terms of reference have been established to clarify the group’s role and responsibilities related to the Master Plan developed.